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Category: Filled Pasta

Tecna’s Cappelletti Former Offers Much More

Fresh Pasta Cappelletti and Ravioli As a well as being the most efficient and reliable Cappelletti Formers on the market the new R Series are without question the most versatile. On just the one machine it is possible to not only produce Cappelletti, Tortellone as well as Mezzaluna but also Saccottini, Pelmeni and Faggottini. Latest developments also include Montini which is a small Faggottino and Tortellazzo weighing more than 30g. The R Series are available for working with sheet widths…

Exceptional Filling Pump for Cannelloni Production

Lobe Filling Pump for Cannelloni Production 20 years after installing a complete Tecna Cannelloni Line at a major food producer, Vortech return with an upgraded Lobe Filling Pump. Take a look at this link filmed 2 minutes after switching on for the first time! http://youtu.be/ZGISTRWK3TU Absolute consistency of filling distribution and weight across all 4 lines. For further information on the exceptional Vortech range of Pasta Machinery contact: sales@vortechfm.com +44 (0) 845 258 3003…

Ravioli Forming

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The Vortech Tecna Filled Pasta Range is renown throughout the world for producing the highest quality of product. Our most recent UK installation was required to produce 300kg of fresh Ravioli Pasta per hour with the highest possible ratio of filling to Pasta. The filling was to be of exceptional quality; very moist meat and ricotta cheese with large particulates which could not sustain damage in the process. Traditionally the Ravioli Pasta Sheet had been .8/.9mm thick with a 60:40…

Tecna Provide Top Quality Cappelletti Solution for Worlds most famous luxury department store

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When approached by the famous store to deliver a system for producing the very best in filled Cappelletti Pasta we were delighted to rise to the challenge. The new Tecna machine for producing Cappelletti works at exceptionally high speeds and incorporates our unique Air Punch Technology. The Air Punch Technology means that we can work with finer pasta sheets (5mm) and very soft and delicate fillings. Please enquire for further information in producing the highest quality filled pasta.  …