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Author: Vortech Food Machinery

Cooking Pasta?

Cooking Pasta

Cooking Pasta? Want free flowing, perfectly cooked product with no damage or clumping? THE MARKET LEADING VORTEX Call us on 0845 258 3003 sales@vortechfm.com…

Giant Filled Pasta

Giant filled pasta

How Big Can You Go!!!!! Giant filled pastas, such as Ravioli and Tortellazzo, are simply delicious and really allow you to show case the quality of your fillings. Ultra-thin pasta enables ratios of 30 pasta:70 filling A sumptuous meal with just a few pieces…. Contact us to see how far you can push the limits PERFECT PASTA…

The Mini Goes Automated

The Mini Goes Automated

The highly successful Vortex Mini Cook and combined Quench/Chill system is now available automated! The Vortex Mini has proved highly popular with both the smaller producers of Ready Meals and Prepared Salads, as well as with our larger Vortex customers who required the compact Mini to run alongside to fulfil short run demands. Working in conjunction with one of our very good customers, The Vortex Mini has evolved. It is now available as a fully automated machine with the same…

Major New Lasagne and Cannelloni Lines

Major New Lasagne and Cannelloni Lines

When a major UK food producer wanted to produce Lasagne and Cannelloni at a new location, they chose VORTECH. The quality of the Pasta was of paramount importance and Vortech was the clear choice with our experience of pasta production spanning nearly a century. The client has multiple installations of the market leading VORTEX COOK QUENCH CHILL and other standalone Pasta Making Equipment. Each new Line produces in excess of 60 meals a minute of various sizes of Lasagne and…


Included among the many benefits of the Vortex is the ability to automatically cook, and uniformly mix two, three or more products, each with different cook times simultaneously.  This enables our customers to produce ready meals and salads with a mix of grains, pasta or pulses etc without the need to cook, chill and hold the individual products separately and then mix as a further process.  The Vortex is a fully automatic process with the individual products loaded into the cook…


The highly successful semi – automatic Vortex Mini 400/2 Cook and combined Quench/Chill system is now available fully automated.    The Mini 400/2 automatic is menu driven with up to 100 recipes covering all cook and chill parameters, drain times and frequency of water exchange. It is additionally equipped with tote bin lifter for automatic product feed from 200l tote bins, removeable and interlocked side guards enabling safe and easy access as well as auto drain and overflow valves.  The operator…