ReeMaster 400 CSVG

ReeMaster 400 IN-LINE machine for medium and high-performance.

A flexible traysealer suitable for medium to large batches optimised for a quick product changes. The die is loaded and unloaded by trays with an automatic transfer done by suitable grippers which lock the trays.

The grippers movement is precisely defined in HMI and due to the servo motor drive ensure a secure transfer of filled trays.

Thanks to its flexibility and wide range of equipments to add in options, the RMR 400 is particularly suited for every fresh or cooked food-stuff products. The IN-LINE design allows 360° access to all machine components and tooling, allowing easy maintenance and cleaning. Stainless steel washdown construction providing the highest level of sanitization. A compact frame and small footprint permits it to fit into tight spaces.

Available for Film Foil Crimping, M.A.P and Vacuum Skin packages with preformed trays of almost any size, quality or shape.

Technical Data

Machine height: 1905 mm
Machine width: 1325 mm (including ree trolley)
Machine Lenght: 4150 ÷ 7150 mm
infeed conveyor length: 2000÷ 5000 mm
Length free loading area: 1500 ÷4500 mm
No. of trays to load: 3÷25
Height free loading area: 920 ÷ 970
Machine main movments: Servo-drivers
Microprocessor Control: PLC-Siemens
Control panel: Touch screen
Vacuum Pump: 100 – 200 – 300 m3/ h
Electrical supply: 3/N/PE 400V AC 50Hz
Electrical power: Up to 6 Kw
Compressed Air: Crimping=0,1 Sealing=0 M.A.P.=1,2 Nl/c.
Overall construction: Stainless Steel


Photocell for printed film
Filters for liquid and powder
Support for film printing device
Extension for infeed belt
Automatic Out-Feed Conveyor > Standard
Conveyer conveying in 1 lane
Tray de-nester
Crimping Alu Foil
Snap on lid unit
Vibrating unit
Different electrical supply
Control and link to external equipment
Connection for centalized vacuum system

Possible Applications

Multi-Sections Tray for Ready-Meal
Fresh Salad in MAP
Fresh fish in Vacuum Skin Package (VSP)