ReeFlow 4S

Flow-wrap machine ReeFlow 4S introduces an innovative solution offering quality, performance, convenience and an environment-friendly packaging.

ReeFlow 4S presents a unique way to process different sliced portion of products and its four-sides sealing technology allow to achieve highest performance revolutionizing the concept of fresh products packed in Modified Atmosphere.


• Minimal use and waste of packaging materials
• High reduction of gas consumption (in MAP)
• Linkable with major automatic industrial slicers
• User-friendly settings to adjust packages sizes
• High production output (up to 200 pcs/min)
• MAP production output doubled
• Sliced products in one line
• Taking up little space
• Ideal for single portions
• Cost-efficient daily activity
• Rapid cleaning and maintenance


• The ultimate packaging solution for ready-sliced food!
• Many different tastes at your convenience
• Easy-opening cut
• Quick to use and dispose
• Healthy take-away solution
• Low-cost & eco-friendly packages
• Sustainable package-product

ReeFlow 4S main features:

a.- Integrated infeed belt 830 mm
b.- Double film reel mounting device (i.e. top and bottom) for max film width 350 mm (handly adjustable)
c.- No product No bag system (with two photocells)
d.- Longitudinal sealing station with 4 pairs of teflon coated sealing wheels each with temprature control
e.- Pneumatic squeezing cutting device for lateral film rims
f.- Two pairs of transport wheels
g.-Planet Gear Motion system (Reepack Patent) with teflon coated jaws for transversal sealing and cutting
h.- Product discharge through 800 mm automatic flat belt
i.- PLC Siemens Simotion with Display 8″ colored touch screen
l.- Motorization with 6axis brushless servo drives.

Technical Data

Film reel mounting position: Top+Bottom
Longitudinal sealing position: Right + Left
Transversal sealing system: Planet Gear Motion
Machine dimension: 3180 x 1460 x H1710 mm
Outfeed conveyor: 770 mm
Power Supply: 400 V 3/N/PE 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: Up to 20 kW
Compressed Air: 6bar – 1NL (per cycle)
Bag Width: up to 300 mm
Bag Lenght: up to 600 mm
Product Height: max 25 mm
Longitudianal Sealing width: Variable
Transversal Sealing width: 15 mm
Human interface: 8’’ Color Touch Screen
Motor: 6 Axis Driven Motors
No product no bag


Printed Film Mark available on top,bottom or both
Gas flushing system
Different sealing texture
Zig-zag cut for easy opening
Euro and Circular hole
Infeed conveyor of different sizes and configuration
Film Perforation system

Possible Applications

Package with tray in flexible perforated film
4SLICE system : Sliced cheese in MAP
Loose product in flexible perforated film