ReeForm E40

Compact & Flexible Thermoforming E40 for medium & high production output.

Machines frame in stainless steel for an easy sanitization in wash down environments. An open frame enables to go through all the parts of the machines for checking and maintenance. Equipment System well tidy into the machine frame and protected from any damage.

An user-friendly control panel introduce the operators with an easy setting and recording of different programs, programmable movements result in a maximum flexibility with respect to the different formats and products.

Processing flexible and rigid film with thickness up to 600 micron and a film width up to 420 mm. Tray provide a maximum forming depth until 100 (120*) mm. with a maximum cut-off up to 300 mm.

Machine only need air pressure for Forming and Sealing, Processing Stations are all electric in motion, so that a good saving in energy and little maintenance give a good return of the investment. NOISE FREE

Technical Data

Machine length: 4220 mm
Machine width: 1070 mm
Machine height: 1700 mm
Cut-off length: 200 – 240- 270- 300 mm
Bottom film: 320- 360- 420 mm
Product Loading area: 1000-1200-1080-1200mm
Free position:5-5-4-4
Thermoforming depth: Max. 120 mm (Parameters may vary according to the film typology and vacuum pumps in use and supplied with the machine.)
Machine cycle: From 5 a 10 cycle / min.*.
Air pressure: 6 – 10 bar (600-1200 Nl / min.)
Power supply: 8 – 18 Kw
Water consumption: 60 – 90 L / h – 1,5 – 2,5 bar (18 – 22°C)
Enclosure rating: IP 65
Weight: 1300 – 1500 Kg

Possible Applications

Flexible Thermoformed package in vacuum system
Thermoformed package in MAP with rigid film