ReeTray 25 VGM

Machine ReeTray 20 VGM in wheeled frame suitable for MAP packaging.

The RT20 allows trays to be packaged in a very limited space and can be used in a flexible way as sliding unit. This model is provided by a bigger vacuum pump than RT20 tabletop and is an ideal solution for the packaging of small and medium batches.
Format change-over is fast and easy for any operators and an user friendly HMI controller allows to set and record different recipes for any kind of product and tray quality.

Thanks to our patented system the ReeTray 20 doesn’t need any compressed air.

Plug in and Start !

Technical Data

Overall dimensions: 560 x 1000 x 1430 mm
Weight: 140 Kg
Max tray dimensions: 360 x 270 mm
Max tray depth: 100 mm
Max diameter of film roll: 230 mm
Max width of film sealing: 390 mm
Diameter of film support shaft: 76 mm
Vacuum pump: 40 m3 / h
Electrical supply: 3/N/PE 400V AC – 50Hz (Different kinds by request.)
Power consumption: Max 4 KW

Possible Applications

Multi-Sections Tray for Ready-Meal
Fresh Salad in MAP
Fresh fish in Vacuum Skin Package (VSP)