ReeSeal 32 S

ReeSeal 32S is a medium tray sealer machine for a fast and convenient sealing of trays Takeaway.

This machine is bigger then Reeseal 25S and allows to seal more trays at the same time.
Equipped with an automatic system to seal any kind of trays the process need only a power supply.Machine can be placed everywhere as required.

Tool changeover is quick and easy, just sliding and removing bottom part of the tool then replacing it with a new one.

Ideal for any Takeaway

Technical Data

Overall dimensions: 481 x 551 x 455 mm
Weight: 40 Kg
Max tray dimensions: 380 x 280 mm
Max tray depth: 100 mm
Max diameter of film roll: 200 mm
Max width of film sealing: 390 mm
Electrical supply: 1 / N / PE 230V AC – 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption: Max 2 KW


Film lid perforator
Open-frame trolley with wheels

Possible Applications

Multi-Sections Tray for Ready-Meal
Fresh Salad in MAP
Fresh fish in Vacuum Skin Package (VSP)