DC 840

A twister double vacuum chamber for large batches with high performance.

Machine equipped with a double vacuum chamber allows to prepare in one side bags with product during the vacuum process in the other side. Parallel sealing bars allow to position multiple bags both in small as medium or big parts of product.

Machine is equipped with a 300m3/h vacuum pump.

Machine might be included in a layout with conveyor belt or automatic shrinking tunnel for shrinkable bags.

Technical Data

Vacuum Chamber size: 1050 x 1030 x H255 mm
Distance between sealing bars: 830 mm
Sealing bar length: 840 mm
Vacuum pump: 300 m3/ h
Power supply: 3 / N / PE AC 400V 50 Hz
Power consumption: 60 Kw
Max. weight: Ca. 685 Kg
Machine dimensions: 1295 x 1900 x 1450 mm


Injection Gas System
Automatic Lid
Inclined plate to support product with liquid
Bi-Active sealing

Possible Applications

Vacuum package in flexible bag
Vacuum package in flexible bag
Meat in heat-shrinking bag