Pasteurising, Drying & Chilling - Chillers


Vertical Chilling Tunnel

A chilling system for short and filled pasta.

The pasta chiller is intended for small and medium fresh pasta producers who want to automate the pasteurisation and cooling process, already widely adopted across the industry, for production from 150kg to 300kg/hr.

A tubular structure, mounted on self-aligning adjustable feet – heat-insulated external panels, enclosed by stainless steel sheets, fitted with a rapid locking system for easy and comfortable access to the inside of the system for normal cleaning and maintenance operations.
Modular plastic conveyor belts with variable speed drive to adjust the processing time to the needs of different products, in order to obtain the desired results.

There is an air evaporator unit with battery exchange and axial electric fans are fitted directly inside the structure with complete guidance systems and air distribution and temperature control by stainless steel probe.

Compressor unit and air condenser, complete electrical system, control panel with detection instrumentation and temperature control.

Models available for capacities ranging from 100kg to 300kg/hr.

RA 800
RA 1000
RA 1200