ST 100

The Reepack ST100 shrink tunnel is a fully automatic in-line waterfall tunnel.

A hot water cascade is used to shrink a suitable pouches material in continuous throughput enables cost-effective shrinking of large production volume.
The tunnel enables energy-saving operation due to the high quality insulation preventing heat loss.

Features as follow :

– Stainless steel construction
– Display with programs to record
– Electrical or steam heating
– Dry run security
– Conveyor speed adjustable
– Automatic water temperature control
– Pre-heating timer
– Photocell detection reducing shower process
– Operation without shower process, just conveyor motion

Technical Data

Maximum product height: 300 mm
Volume of water: 190 lt
Max adjustable temperature: 95° C
Height belt conveyor: 890 mm
Heating system: Electric or Steam
Power supply: 3 / N / PE AC 400V 50 Hz
Power consumption: Max 39 Kw
Overall machine dimension 1550 x 1500 x H1850 mm

Stainless steel outfeed roll tables with drainer
Stainless steel steam aspirator

Possible Applications

Vacuum package in flexible bag
Vacuum package in flexible bag
Meat in heat-shrinking bag