Pasteurising, Drying & Chilling

Pasteurising, Drying & Chilling

Our pasteurisers ensure optimum pasteurization of all types of pasta, both plain and filled, to ensure that the elimination of non-spore-forming pathogenic microorganisms.

During pasteurisation the high temperature levels allow the elimination of the most resistant pathogens, making it totally safe and adhering to pasta production regulations.

Tecna is the ideal solution for any company requiring pasteurization of fresh pasta machines that are durable, reliable and respectful of health precautions.

The benefits of pasteurisation

By eliminating any pathogen agent present in the pasta and / or filling, Tecna’s customers can trust that their production of fresh pasta is in a safe and extremely high performing machine. Pasteurisation machines built and installed by Tecna, offer the best way to optimize production by avoiding unnecessary waste, thus aiding the demands of the large producer and offering products capable of satisfying their customers’ needs. But the most useful advantage of a pasteurization machine for fresh pasta is undoubtedly what Tecno’s machines can provide from a health point of view. Fresh pasta for the food distribution sector, made using Tecno’s machines, maintains all the chemical, organoleptic and physical characteristics of the fresh-made pasta, although preserved, without any health hazard.

Our range of Machines

Tecna produces various pasteurisation machines: the PEV 300, for medium to large, fresh pasta producers, is suitable for 300 Kg / hour or higher production. Pasteurizers 50 and 100 ensure pasta pasteurisation of 50 and 100 Kg per hour respectively, and they can also be tailored to the specific requirement of the client. The company also produces steam injection pasteurisers, electric or with built-in gas burner.

Pasteurising, Drying & Chilling - Steam Pasteuriser

Steam Pasteuriser

Compact pasteuriser for fresh pasta

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Pasteurising, Drying & Chilling - Combined Steam Pasteuriser with Dryer

Multi-tiered Steam Pasteuriser with Dryer

Multi-tiered pasteuriser and dryer for fresh pasta

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Pasteurising, Drying & Chilling - Direct Steam Pasteuriser

Direct Steam Pasteuriser

Advanced design pasteuriser for fresh pasta

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Shaker pre-dryer for fresh pasta

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Pasteurising, Drying & Chilling - Drying & Chilling - Dryers


Static dryer for fresh pasta

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Continuous hiller for fresh pasta

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