Pasta Making & Forming - Tecna Large Scale Fresh Pasta Equipment - Extruder PR 250

Pasta Extruder

The PR 250 is a machine to produce extruded pasta such as: macaroni, fusilli, conchiglie (shells), Sardinian gnocchi, etc. Suited to large scale pasta production, it is provided with double tank which allows a continuous output.

Main technical features:

  • Frame in stainless steel complete with stairs and handrail; platform in embossed aluminium.
  • Twin kneading tank; bladed shaft with conical keying, without bolts.
  • Thrust screw in polished, chromium plated steel
  • Extruder tube chilled with water; screwed die holder locking ring
  • Interchangeable bronze or teflon 250mm dies
  • Rotating knife to adjust the length of various shapes; speed variator.
  • Parts in contact with food in stainless steel or a food grade material.
  • Optional: variable speed screw, vertical head for long pasta.
Machine Unit PR150
Hourly Output Kg 250 – 300
Holes N.o 2 x 85
Size mm 1800 x 1700 x 1750