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Ravioli Formers

The Ravioli Series of machines is for the production double sheet filled pasta.

Suited to large scale production the Ravioli machine can be used as part of a continuous production line. The hygienic design makes the Ravioli series of machines very easy to clean and the robust construction is extremely reliable and reduces the need for maintenance.

Main Technical Features:

  • Interchangeable quick changing die sets.
  • Pinched product forming system “on plane”.
  • Integrated continuous filling feeder with quick release for cleaning.
  • Integrated scrap cutter and re-use device.
  • Supplied with a set of adjustable sheet laminating rollers, with an independent motor.
  • Adjustable machine, filling feeder device and calibrating rollers.
  • Sealed motors, gearbox & bearings.
  • Fully adjustable speed.
Machine Unit 300 540
Hourly Output Kg 150 – 350 450 – 800
Sheet Width mm 300 540
Size mm L 975 x D 905 x H 1800 L 1800 x D 1490 x H 1840