RV 100 E

The smallest vacuum chamber machine, compact and flexible for different packaging purposes.

Machine with tabletop configuration is the ideal solution for saving space and to have a quick and easy packaging of smaller products.

It can be used very flexibly due to its compact dimensions.

The evacuation and gas flushing processes are digital controlled and this guarantee a reproducible packing quality.

This tabletop machine is easy to operate, to clean and to maintain.

All REEPACK machines in single chamber have a transparent lid that permits to view the packaging process.

Technical Data

Chamber width: 325 mm
Chamber depth: 325 mm
Chamber height: 140 mm
Sealing bar lenght: 310 mm
Vacuum pump: 12 m3/h
Power supply:1/N/PE 230 VAC 50Hz (Different kinds by request)
Power consumption: 700 ÷ 1000 w
Machine width: 415 mm
Machine depth: 470 mm
Machine height: 380 mm
Approx. weight: 43 Kg


Plastic filler boards (Standard)
Quick vacuum stop (Standard)
Gas Flushing
Out-vac system
Liquid filter
Inclined stainless steel-support

Possible Applications

Vacuum package in flexible bag
Vacuum package in flexible bag
Meat in heat-shrinking bag