RV 200 FB

Medium size vacuum chamber machine for different professional purposes.

Ideal solution for professional purpose and result. It can be used very flexibly due to its compact dimensions. Machine offer the highest output and also an outstanding pack quality in professional way. The machine has a transparent lid that permits to view the packaging process.

The evacuation and gas flushing processes are pressure controlled and this guarantee a reproducible packing quality. This tabletop machine is easy to operate, to clean and to maintain.

Ideal for Restaurant

Technical Data

Chamber width: 510 mm
Chamber depth: 490 mm
Chamber height: 200 mm
Sealing bar lenght: 500 mm
Vacuum pump: 20 m3/ h
Power supply: 1/N/PE 230 VAC 50Hz( Different kinds by request)
Power consumption: 1200 W
Machine width: 600 mm
Machine depth: 630 mm
Machine height: 480 mm
Approx. weight: 75 Kg


Plastic filler boards (Standard)
Quick vacuum stop (Standard)
Sever-seam sealing (Standard)
Soft-Air (Standard)
Gas Flushing
Out-vac system
Liquid filter
Inclined stainless steel-support

Possible Applications

Vacuum package in flexible bag
Vacuum package in flexible bag
Meat in heat-shrinking bag