Ravioli Forming

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The Vortech Tecna Filled Pasta Range is renown throughout the world for producing the highest quality of product.

Our most recent UK installation was required to produce 300kg of fresh Ravioli Pasta per hour with the highest possible ratio of filling to Pasta.

The filling was to be of exceptional quality; very moist meat and ricotta cheese with large particulates which could not sustain damage in the process.

Traditionally the Ravioli Pasta Sheet had been .8/.9mm thick with a 60:40 pasta to filling ratio.

Using our many years of expertise and advanced design of the ingredient mixer and sheeter, we were able to take the Ravioli pasta sheet down to .5/.6mm. The latest Lobe Pump technology enabled us to achieve with a 40:60 pasta to filling ratio of outstanding quality.

This premium product is now available at a major UK retailer’s stores.

Please contact us if you are interested in producing Filled Pasta of the best quality.