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VACUUM PACKAGING – v – MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)

Both Vacuum Packaging and MAP can extend the life for your products and protect its freshness, visuality and taste. The below may help you decide which option is best for your products. Vacuum Packaging? During the vacuum packing process all air is evacuated from the pack. It is then hermetically sealed in order to maintain the vacuum and therefore protect the contents from environmental influences such as moisture and oxidation processes. Extracting oxygen inhibits the reproduction of oxygen-dependent micro-organisms and…

Manual Tray Sealer for Foil Trays with Foil Lids

Vortech offers a range of hand slammers for the closing of foil lids on to wrinkle wall aluminium foil trays. Suitable for small catering operations and large scale industrial factories, the hand slammer will provide a cover over the foil that protects the food products from contamination. This type of tray lidding is commonly used in the airlines and catering industries as well as large scale food service sector for hospitals and prison meals, pub grub and supermarket canteens. Simple to…