VACUUM PACKAGING – v – MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)

Both Vacuum Packaging and MAP can extend the life for your products and protect its freshness, visuality and taste. The below may help you decide which option is best for your products.

Vacuum Packaging?

During the vacuum packing process all air is evacuated from the pack. It is then hermetically sealed in order to maintain the vacuum and therefore protect the contents from environmental influences such as moisture and oxidation processes. Extracting oxygen inhibits the reproduction of oxygen-dependent micro-organisms and reduces oxidation processes.

The food contained within then retains its quality and freshness for much longer. The application of a vacuum to a pack also fixes the pack contents in position (sometimes useful for vertical presentation) and can reduce the volume of the packaging.

MAP Packaging?

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), also sometimes known as protective gas packs, are created by evacuating some or all of the air and replacing it with a protective gas mixture (gas flushing). The pack is then hermetically sealed. Barrier films prevent the modified atmosphere from escaping and/or air getting back into the pack.

The quality, freshness and flavour of food products is retained for much longer in modified atmosphere packs: specific compositions and concentrations of the various protective MAP gases inhibit the reproduction of micro-organisms, reduce oxidation processes, and protect dry products from moisture, delicate products from crushing, sliced products from sticking together, etc.

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