Vortech announce New Yang Polaris 3 Automatic Tray Sealer

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With expertise acquired over the years, and our commitment to developing new technologies we have further broadened our product range to include exclusive state-of-the-art Tray Sealing machines designed to meet the most complex market requirements.

Back in  2007 Yang launched the Polaris Double Tray Sealer. With two chambers it could be fitted with two different dies, thus making fully automated format changes finally possible. Today, Yang is proud to present the new Polaris 3 fully automatic Tray Sealer can be fitted with three different or identical dies, in order to triple production capacity and pack up to 70 trays per minute in modified atmosphere.

Vortech offer the complete range of Yang Heat Sealing machines which can be equipped with a wide range of options: automatic tray denesters, dosing, weighing, labelling and product analysis.