The Vortex Lands in the US of A……………AGAIN!!!


We are pleased to announce the completion of a further very successful installation of a Vortex Cook, Quench and Chill system (CQC) at Reser’s Fine Foods.

Based in Oregon, Resers supply over 1000 convenience products to over 50 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico and the Far East. This major Food Producer and their Brands are industry leaders in Prepared Salads, Prepared Foods, Ready Meals, Pasta, Dips and Mexican food as well as being one of the largest manufacturers of Potato Salads in the United States.

Resers Fine Foods has the most fabulous history; founded in 1950 and still run today by the Reser family, this Private company has grown from fairly humble origins to be a major United States Corporation.

Consistency and quality of product is of paramount importance to them. The reliability of the first Vortex installed at their Beaverton site was proven over a period of a few years cooking and chilling a variety of long and short pastas to an excellent standard making a second Vortex the natural choice for Reser’s new state of the art Kansas site .

This Vortex D1 Mono 900 4 basket has the capacity of being able to cook, quench and chill up to 2.5 ton of short and long pasta per hour. The versatility of the Vortex makes it the ideal choice for those also looking to cook rice, noodle, pulses, potatoes and vegetables.

There are 16 Vortex’s in the range to suit all requirements for cooking as little as 250kg per hour up to 4.5 ton an hour and chilling to less than 5 degrees in under 3 minutes.

If you are based in the U.S. and want to be cooking product to an exceptional standard, we’d love to hear from you……..

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