The highly successful semi – automatic Vortex Mini 400/2 Cook and combined Quench/Chill system is now available fully automated.  

 The Mini 400/2 automatic is menu driven with up to 100 recipes covering all cook and chill parameters, drain times and frequency of water exchange. It is additionally equipped with tote bin lifter for automatic product feed from 200l tote bins, removeable and interlocked side guards enabling safe and easy access as well as auto drain and overflow valves.  The operator panel is fitted with a Mitsubishi 8.5 inch touch screen with the option of a secondary panel in high care.  

As with the semiautomatic Mini 400/2, a steam Shell & Tube heat exchanger heats the water in the cook tank and Glycol S&T chills the quench/chill tank. 

The Vortex Mini is a highly versatile system and ideal for cooking a wide range of products including short and long pasta, noodles, rice, vegetables, pulses and grains etc. Accurate temperature control combined with Vortex  water flow ensures that the products are cooked and chilled consistently and without sticking. 

The Vortex Mini 400/2 automatic will cook and chill, to less than 3°C , up to 300 kg/h of rice and 270 kg/hr of pasta. Apart from positioning the filled tote bins in low care and transferring the cooked and chilled product from the draining table into trays/bins in high care, the process is fully automatic with no possibility of inconsistency due to operators. 

The other major benefits of the Vortex Mini include a small footprint, fast clean down times and significantly reduced water usage compared with kettles and dipping basket. 

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