Included among the many benefits of the Vortex is the ability to automatically cook, and uniformly mix two, three or more products, each with different cook times simultaneously. 

This enables our customers to produce ready meals and salads with a mix of grains, pasta or pulses etc without the need to cook, chill and hold the individual products separately and then mix as a further process. 

The Vortex is a fully automatic process with the individual products loaded into the cook section in sequence and in the required weight ratio. The different cook times are repeatable and without any possibility of variation. 

The Vortex water flow ensures every piece is uniformly cooked, quenched and chilled as well as thoroughly mixed. The mixed product is then transferred onto a draining table or dewatering conveyor. 

There are 15 Vortex models in the range covering outputs from 250kg/h up to 4000kg/h. 

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