The Mini Goes Automated

The Mini Goes Automated

The highly successful Vortex Mini Cook and combined Quench/Chill system is now available automated!

The Vortex Mini has proved highly popular with both the smaller producers of Ready Meals and Prepared Salads, as well as with our larger Vortex customers who required the compact Mini to run alongside to fulfil short run demands.

Working in conjunction with one of our very good customers, The Vortex Mini has evolved. It is now available as a fully automated machine with the same operational benefits of the larger Vortex range which encompasses 14 models with throughput capacities of up to 4 ton of cooked and chilled product per hour.

The Vortex mini achieves the same throughput as our larger Vortex 400 3 stage Cook Quench and Chill systems on products with cook times of 10 – 12 minutes or longer such as grains, pulses, rice, and potatoes. The benefits are a much smaller footprint with faster clean down times at significantly less capital investment.

The Vortex Mini also has the ability to both Cook and Mix, combining products with differing cook times. Call 0845 258 3003 or email for more information on how the Vortex Mini could revolutionise your cooking!