Skin on Tray Packing for Fish and Seafood

Skin MAP and Standard Heat-Seal Tray Sealer

Vacuum Skin Packaging in a preformed tray is the ideal solution for presenting fish and seafood, fresh or frozen, to the consumer.

A top film is sealed over the entirety of the interior surface of a preformed tray holding the product in place on the bottom of the tray. The smooth tight wrinkle free skin is sealed to the edge of the product providing optimum shelf life and great visuality.

Benefits of Skin on Tray Packaging:

  • Enhanced shelf life
  • Preserves the colour and flavour of the product
  • Ease of handling
  • Secures and protects delicate product from damage
  • Perfect for all shapes and dimensions
  • Suitable for many merchandising presentations – including vertical
  • Ultimate consumer convenience
  • Higher quality appearance and enhanced rigidity over thermoformed applications

Our Italian Pack Yang range encompasses the latest Skin Packaging technology within our tried and tested range of Tray sealers; from the Olympus Rotary Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer, perfect for those just commencing their skin packaging applications, to the ever popular Perseus Automatic Tray Sealer and through to the high speed Polaris.

The versatility of our Skin Packaging machines is unparalleled, both the equipment and tool will also Standard Air and MAP seal. This, together with their simplicity, reliability and cost, starting at less than £19,000 for the Olympus, make them a very worthy investment.

Please contact us on 0845 258 3003 or  further information on the rest of our range or for guide prices.