Major New Lasagne and Cannelloni Lines

Major New Lasagne and Cannelloni Lines

When a major UK food producer wanted to produce Lasagne and Cannelloni at a new location, they chose VORTECH.

The quality of the Pasta was of paramount importance and Vortech was the clear choice with our experience of pasta production spanning nearly a century.

The client has multiple installations of the market leading VORTEX COOK QUENCH CHILL and other standalone Pasta Making Equipment.

Each new Line produces in excess of 60 meals a minute of various sizes of Lasagne and Cannelloni meals incorporating multiple sizes of Lasagne pasta sheet and differing diameters of Cannelloni, with various fillings.

The complete Lasagne lines incorporate Mixing, Sheeting, Calibration, Cooking and Chilling to less than 3°c. The pasta sheet is then transferred by an Incline/Decline conveyor to the assembly line where the sheet is cut for Lasagne or the Cannelloni Formed, Filled and cut.

Please contact us for further information on Lasagne and Cannelloni production of exceptional quality.

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