Poseidon Jolly Semi Automatic Tray Sealer Success Story

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Poseidon JollyHigh Street Butchers in Northern Ireland have added real value to their products which has proved to be hugely successful, with a turnkey solution for Foil Trays, Film and Tray Sealing Machinery. So far 12 new machines have been supplied in the last year each one a massive success.

Our Poseidon Jolly Bench top Tray Sealer is a simple yet extremely well built machine for heat sealing film onto Aluminium Smoothwall Tray.

The package put together includes the machine along with the ongoing supply of Aluminium trays and our own heat sealable film.

The applications have ranged from meat packing to specialist ready meals, salads and puddings all of which are sealed with our own film to a very high standard in a very well presented format.

The Poseidon Jolly Tray Sealer is easy to use, simple to maintain and very reasonably priced in both purchase or rental options.

The Poseidon Jolly  is the starter machine in our extensive range of Tray Sealing Machines which includes Drawer type, Rotary Turntable, Inline Pusher Bar and Random Infeed type Tray Sealers all of which can seal in either standard air closure or with Modified Atmosphere Packing.