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Author: Vortech Food Machinery

Italian Pack Line for Yoghurt Pots

COMPLETE YOGHURT FILLING AND LIDDING LINE. Italian Pack have recently completed the very successful installation of their new Polaris Doule line developed specifically to meet the needs of yoghurt producers. The multi-lane line is complete with pot denester, UV lamps, HEPA filters, electronically controlled yoghurt dosers, twin MAP sealing station and lid applicator. Designed for maximum versatility and speeds of up to 36-42 trays per minute MAP, 48-54 Vacuum & 66-72 film sealing only, this is one of the most…

Italian Pack – Oceania Skin Pack Protruding

Oceania Skin Protruding

SKIN SEALING OF MEAT. Italianpack is glad to present the qualified tray sealer Oceania in its SKIN PROTRUDING version. Due the recent technical innovations OCEANIA SKIN PROTRODING will be able to skin pack products that overcome up to 3 cm over the edge of the tray. In addition, as for the other Italian Pack models, the same mold is able to pack in TraySkin, Map or sealing only by simply selecting the corresponding program and matching the appropriate film for…

Vortex D3 Mini Cook Quench Chill System

The Vortex D3 Mini

COOKING QUENCHING AND CHILLING OF PASTA, RICE, PULSES AND VEGETABLES. The VORTEX D3 MINI is proving immensely popular, not only as a standalone cooker, but to sit alongside the larger Vortex Models. The Vortex Range, specifically designed for the cooking of pasta, noodles and rice is also ideally suited for potatoes, vegetables, seafood and the ever-increasing range of grains and pulses.The Mini packs all the benefits and build quality of the larger Vortex’s into a compact and efficient cooker/chiller. The…