8th Vortex Cook Quench Chill System Installed with UK Food Group


We are delighted to announce that a major UK food group has now installed their 8th Vortex!

This particular machine was a Vortex D2 Duo 900.

The concept of the Duo is unique to the Vortex and in brief, it has a frame which divides the Cook and Quench, Chill sections to offer unparalleled high/low care separation.

This Vortex Duo 900 4 basket machine will be  Cooking/Quenching and Chilling a wide variety of short and long pastas to ≤ 5°c (though typically less than 3°c) and has a capacity of up to 2,800kg per hour via a continuous batch system.

The Vortex 900 is one of our mid-sized machines. In our range we offer a Mini, a 400, a 900 and a 1350 model, and, with the exception of the Mini which is a two basket system, each of our other models are available in various Cook/Quench/Chill configurations offering from 3 to 5 stations to maximise throughput.

This Vortex CQC also included the latest new and enhanced features and water savings benefits, and also incorporated the new design Dewaterer which is highly successful at removing excess water on all different pastas.

For more information on The Vortex range of machines please contact us on: sales@vortechfm.com or call 0845 258 3003.