Entry Level Modified Atmosphere Tray Sealing Machine

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The Olympus is our entry level Modified Atmosphere Heat Sealing Machine.

Smoothseal 600 Semi Automatic Draw Heat Sealer Layout

The Olympus can be used as a standard Heat Sealing Machine or supplied with the MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) controllers and integral Busch Vacuum Pump.

We also have a range of specialist Busch Vacuum Pumps including Red Pumps for high oxygen applications such as red meats, and high capacity Busch Pumps for Skin Packing.

The Olympus is a semi automatic Tray sealing machine which uses a drawer system to transport the containers / trays to the die area. A drawer machine is perfect for applications with a lower output, or where batch heat sealing is required. In a standard operation the 600 Semi automatic heatsealing machine can operate between plastic containers


  • Heatsealing                                                                 6 – 7 Cycles per minute
  • MAP ( Modified atmosphere packaging )                    3 – 4 Cycles per minute
  • Heatsealing                                                                 4 – 5 Cycles per minute
  • MAP ( Modified atmosphere packaging)                     2 – 3 Cycles per minute


The Olympus Tray Sealing machine has been designed using the latest technology to reduce maintenance and make the machine extremely user friendly.

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