Torpedo 3000 Thermoformer

Torpedo 3000 Thermoformer

Torpedo 3000 is the most versatile thermoforming machine of our range.

The modular structure of this machine, is flexible for the customer’s needs: spaces, productivity speed, and available options. Torpedo 3000 is excellent for the different product’s format and for the speed productivity.


Because of the stainless steel protection and the blunted edges for the drainage, the maximum hygiene is guaranteed.

Toggle 4 column

The mechanical handling is guaranteed because of the 4 column soldering station support

Panel control touch screen

There is the possibility to manage different parameters, see on the display some problem, and to connect remotely to the production line.

Chamber hinge

The device of the chamber overturning, and the book style opening, reduce time of the maintenance and the format changes.